Speech therapy

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy can be needed when there are problems with the voice, speech, language, hearing and swallowing. Besides this, a speech therapist also does information meeting, prevention, research and she can guide you with the best advices.

Who are we?

‘De Praatmaatgroep’ is a national organization of speech therapy practices. ‘De Praatmaatgroep’ stands for customer focus, quality, knowledge, demand-driven care and prevention since 1989. We have multiple partnerships to offer the best possible care.

All ages

Speech therapy is for all ages. All of ‘De Praatmaatgroep’ its locations are all-round. Here we can see all clients with communication difficulties. We also have different fields of expertise, such as:

-          Specific language impairment (SLI / TOS)

-          Behavioural problems (ADHD, Autism)

-          Voice therapy

-          Speech or swallow therapy after a brain injury

-          Abnormal oral behaviour

-          Stuttering

-          Dyslexia

-          Eating and drinking problems in babies and young children

-          Bilingualism

-          Severe phonological speech disorders

Are you curious for the field of expertise of the practice in your neighbourhood? Contact us or more information.


Most health insurances reimburse speech therapy within the basic package. You don’t need an extra insurance to go to speech therapy. When you are 18 years and over, treatment will be part of your deductible. We do need a referral from your doctor.

Always around

De praatmaatgroep is a national organization. We are always close. If you would like to know more about what practice is in your neighbourhood, speech therapy on location or any other information, please visit our website: www.depraatmaatgroep.nl


For any questions or information, we’d like to welcome you in one of our practices. You can also contact us by the following means:

Phone:                 06-12988729

e-mail:                 aanmelden@depraatmaatgroep.nl

website:              www.depraatmaatgroep.nl